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The key to health is eliminating toxicities and deficiencies! - Dr. William R. Kellas

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Our Nutrient-Packed, Food Powders are cost effective and time effective!

Pounds of fresh produce are converted into 454 or 660 grams of lyophilized powder. These powders take seconds to turn into delightful, nutrient-potent beverages, nutrient-fortified yogurts or breakfast cereals, or they can be consumed directly by the spoonful. They will propel one's nutrition far beyond ordinary.

E7E7 (Essentials 7) — is what the human body most needs — nutrient-dense food that assimilates fast, and is comprehensive and balanced. E7 comes from nutritional expert Dr. William Kellas. It contains Ricotriene, adaptogens, Deep Sea Minerals, multi-fibers, highly assimilable rotein, numerous vegetables, enzymes and other co-factors combined into a good tasting powder.

E7 comes in Chocolate, Berry, and Vegetable flavors, and coming soon, in Vanilla and Vanilla Cinnamon flavors.

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RicotrieneRicotriene is 100% soluble, stabilized Rice Germ and Bran, with no additives. It is nutrient dense. It is especially rich in powerful Gamma Oryzanol, Tocotrienols, and Pangamic Acid complex. Of all the foods on earth, it is possibly the most healing to nerve, body, and brain tissues. It helps quickly balance blood sugar and stabilize mood. It has a nutty, malt-like flavor that goes well with anything.

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Green Powder SuperdrinkGPS (Green Powder Superdrink) is an exotic and comprehensive mixture of nutrient dense foods from Rishi Ternes.

GPS contains freeze-dried juices of organic or wild-harvested plants including:

  • Wheat grass, Alfalfa grass, Barley grass, Oat grass, Beets, Carrots, Acai Berry, Aronia Berry, Bilberry, Black Berry, Black Currant, Camu Camu Berry, Blue Berries, Cranberry, Elder Berry, Goji Berry, Pomegranates, Raspberries, Golden Berries, Lucuma Fruit, Cupuacu Fruit, Pine Pollen, Kelp DHA-rich Sea Plankton, Turmeric, and Non-Dairy Probiotics.

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RicocuRichocoHechocoOur Vegan protein powders have zero phytates, pesticides, or GMO.

The protein source for Hechoco is hemp seeds and sprouted rice protein for Richoco.

Our third Protein, Ricocu, includes sprouted rice protein, Cupuacu powder, Lucuma and Coconut Sap.

They're all delightful and perfect!

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Berries Berry Extremeare the class of food whose consumption is most often associated with longevity and cardiovascular health.

Berry Extreme contains numerous powerful berry types with superior nutrient profiles of antioxidants, minerals, phytonutrients and vitamins. (The ORAC rating of each is shown below)

  1. Aronia - 470,000
  2. Acai - 102,700
  3. Sea Buckthorn - 70,000
  4. Bilberry - 61,400
  5. Maqui - 27,600
  6. Goji Berry - 13,500
  7. Lingonberries - 12,000
  8. Cranberry - 9,584
  9. Blueberry - 6,552
  10. Blackberry - 5,905
  11. Raspberry - 5,605
  12. Pomegranate - 4,479
  13. Strawberry 4,302
  14. Beets 1,776

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cacaoOur Cacao, whose latin name means "nectar of the gods", makes anything taste exquisitely chocolatey. It is powerfully antioxidizing. Cacao makes one feel happy because of its numerous compounds that stimulate feel-good endorphin production.

Although most people don't know it, natural Cacao is full of phytates that rob minerals from one's body. Our Cacao does no such thing. We ferment it so that all the phytates are removed. Fermented cacao is the latest in super health foods.

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cupuacuCupuacu has a South American reputation as being a pharmacy in a fruit. It's chock full of theograndins and other antioxidants that energize a person almost like caffeine, yet without the harm of caffeine. And it's soothing to the gastrointestinal tract.

It has a taste in between cacao, banana, pineapple, wintergreen, and anise, actually delightful by the spoonful or stirred into whatever you're drinking or eating.

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colon cleanseOur Colon Cleanse Powder contains 17 herbal, colon-cleansing ingredients that help pull and disintegrate "stuck-on" intestinal gel/plaque/tar to get it out of one's body and stop it from harboring pathogens to that undermine and degrade total health.

Intestinal cleanliness is a prerequisite to health. So, adding a scoop to any beverage is a fast and simple way to improve one's health.

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oat grassOat Grass is a true super food that imnproves health in stellar ways.

  • Its richness in beta glycans helps stimulate greater immune function.
  • Its richness in tricin exerts a calming influence over the mind and gastrointestinal tract.
  • It is rich in compounds that boost cognitive function, resist cognitive decline and resist a decline in Dopamine levels. The net effect is to helps one's mind age much more slowly.

So, for anyone who wants to age slowly, resisst immune disorders such as cancer, it is a suggested addition to one's daily regimen.

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Cardiovascular Health - You're As Old As Your Arteries Are Stiff (Dr. William Osler, MD, Johns Hopkins University)

We offer nutritional supplements that specifically help one's body to remodel its cells and tissues in order to help them become younger and more flexible.

embla arginine

Our Embla Arginine supplements were created to vitalize nitric-oxide-producing endothelial cells. Testing underscores that our Embla Arginine products create unmatched energy in arterial linings.

Our two Embla versions both contain L-Arginine and L-Citrulline in the proportions recommended by the Nobel Prize discoverers of the value of nitric oxide signaling from Arginine. Additionally, they contain endothelial cell (arterial lining) vitality boosters and co-factors. We offer two versions: Cardio Care (for everyone) and Cardio Pro.

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cardio flow

Cardio Flow was the design result of many years of research by Progressive Labs doctors into natural botanicals and modern, cutting-edge ingredients that could help the body achieve more effective blood flow through the entire cardiovascular network of vessels including through the capillaries.

One's overall health is dependent upon the delivery of of nutrients and removal of toxins via the blood. Decreased blood penetration of bodily tissues means decreased health.

Cardio Flow utilizes components such as guggulsterones, EDTA, Arjuna, bromelain, butcher's broom, and many more.

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cardio pro

Our Cardio Pro is a nutritional powder from Progressive Labs scientists that furnishes therapeutic amounts (sufficient amounts to stimulate collagen remodeling of cardiovascular tissue) of specific nutrients that directly influence cardiovascular tissue integrity. The goal of Cardio Pro is strengthening and making as healthy as possible all cardiovascular tissues.

This is a powerful product for upgrading the cardiovascular system toward "perfection". We highly recommend it.

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lipid balance

Lipid Balance helps the body to more effectively balance lipid carriers HDL and LDL. If these lipid transporters are not produced by the body in the balance needed they can cause significant disruptions to health. Lipid Balance is miraculous in providing the nutrient tools the body can use to balance lipid transporters.

Lipid Balance's ingredients include significant amounts of red yeast rice, slow relase niacin, a highly absorbed form of curcumin, and Ecklonia Cava seaweed.

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vitamin k2

Vitamin K2 is essential to cardiovascular health by helping ensure that calcium goes to bones and not into soft tissue and plaque.

The famous Rotterdam study found that Vitamin K2 supplementation was asosociated with a 50% decrease in calficiation and mortality from cardiovascular disease.

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Methylate is designed to help naturally lower levels of homocysteine. This is important because the amount of homocysteine in your blood is one of the best objective indicators of how healthy you are and how long you are going to live. Having high homocysteine over the long term significantly increases your risk of every chronic health condition. A high blood level of homocysteine hurts your health in the following ways: Speeds Up Oxidation and Aging, Causes Damage to Your Arteries, Causes Your Immune System to Weaken, Increases Pain and Inflammation

A high blood level of homocysteine is a reliable risk factor for each of the following: Myocardial infarction (heart attack), Cerebrovascular accident (stroke), Cancer, Diabetes, Thyroid-related health challenges, Neurological conditions like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, Depression, Infertility, Chronic Pain, Digestive Disorders.

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parent essential oils

PEOs are undamaged, unadulterated parent Omega Oils. These parent Omega oils easily incorporate into cell membranes, including the all-important cardiovascular tissue membranes where they facilitate the transfer of oxygen from the bloodstream through cell membranes into cell interiors (cytoplasm, and mitochondria).

Oxygen is the most important factor of cellular metabolism. Optimal oxygen levels helps ensure optimal energy production in cells for cardiovascular tissue repair, maintenance, and full activity, and helps maintain health in all systems and tissues of the body.

A strong argument could be made that parent Omega Oils are the most important neglected nutrient in the modern world.

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Losing the Ability to Remember and to Think Makes Life Lonely, Barren, and Impoverished.

Possibly, the most happiness-destructive and most-to-be-feared disease on earth is Alzheimer's because life's joy is primarily found in our memories. Memory loss makes loved ones into strangers, home and hearth into unfamiliar places, and our past, present, and future into a blur. That's why the below brain feeding products are so important. They give the body tools that it can use to maintain brain health. We highly recommend these products.


Memories is our premier brain nourishing formulation. Its ingredients represent the latest scientific discoveries into the most effective brain tissue nourishing ingredients, such as N-Acetyl Carnitine, Bacopa, DMAE, Alpha GPC, Phosphatidyl Serine, Gotu Kola, Gingko Extract, Vinpocetine, and much more.

Like turning on a light in a dark room, Memories helps the brain to begin retriving its memories again.

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cognitive resilience

Cognitive Resilience stimulates brain improvement from a totally different angle than does our Memories® product.

Whereas the ingredients in Memories' were selected for their ability to nourish and protect brain tissue, Cognitive Resilience contains Lion's Mane, Lemon Balm, Turmeric, and Red-Wine extracts. These ingredients stimulate the creation of brand new brain cells, helping to significantly increase brain plasticity and capacity.

Taking both or alternating between them results in maximum brain enhancement.

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embla arginine

Embla Arginine stimulates greater production of nitric oxide molecules in the body's endothelial cells.

The more Nitric oxide (NO) available to cells the more easily and quickly that brain neuronal networks can make continual adjustments to function in response to moment-to-moment changes in physiological input. In other words, nitric oxide helps the brain to process information occur more quickly and accurately. This molecule was discovered 40 years ago and is still the subject of much ongoing research. We highly recommend Embla Arginine to speed up brain processing speed.

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oat grass

Oat Grass Powder is a true superfood for the brain. Its brain-supportive nutrients are especially helpful for improving cognition and lessening anxiety.

Scientific studies have determined that Oat Grass powder helps to improve mental health by helping the body to protect against a decline in Dopamine as one ages. The key mechanism involved has to do with an enzyme called MOA-B which regulates Dopamine levels. As the amount of MOA-B goes up in the body the level of Dopamine goes down. Since Dopamine drives motivation, alertness, happiness, and mental speed it is desirable to have very little MOA-B in our bodies. Unfortunately, this enzyme increases with age. The enzyme MAO-B (Monoamine Oxidase-B) is the cause of the decline in Dopamine levels as we age. Oat Grass inhibits MAO-B and thus protects healthy levels of Dopamine, improving overall quality of life, mental health, cognition, reproductive health, mental clarity, stress and longevity.

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coconut milk

Young Coconut Powder is great for the brain and adds a delightful taste to any beverage or yogurt to which it is added.

Because of its significant amounts of lauric acid and MCT oil (both are brain healers, anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting) Young Coconut flesh is a delightful and effective way to protect brain cells and increase brain cell regeneration. It might be part of the reason, cocnut-eating islanders are so happy. Young Coconut also inhibits growth of bacteria in the gut that might otherwise damage serotonin producing enterochromaffin cells.

It's easily the most fun way to boost brain health and costs very little.

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Joint Pain is the # 1 cause of work disability.

  • One out of four of all Americans have arthritis.
  • Fifty percent of Amnericans over the age of 64 have arthritis.
  • Joint pain is the number one cause of pain of 65 year olds and up.

Fortunately, much can be done in terms of nutrition to help the body avoid and reverse joint pain. These are our top recommendations.

hla joint support

The primary purpose of HLA Joint Support is to support the rebuilding of overused and damaged joint titssues. It was designed by putting the greatest joint rebuilding and support ingredients (from around the world) into one product, IE, keratin, boswellia serrata, turmeric, collagen, hyaluronic acid, etc., all in one product.

Many users have told us that this is the most powerful joint support product they have ever used.

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fibroblast growth factors

The primary purpose of Our Fibroblast Growth Factor product is to assist the process of stem cell replacement of damaged cells in the body. Fibroblast Growth Factors are like engineers focused on getting the job done of making new perfect cells out of damaged ones. This is a great tactic for damaged joint cells. Many people all around the world have declared this type of support to be akin to magic because after a few months, joints are so much improved and normal mobility back again.

Some users (this may not be the case for others) have said about Fibroblast Growth Factors that where they thought they were headed into a joint replacement, their joints were able to regain youthful function in a matter of only a few months.

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liquid curcumin

Our Liquid Curcumin product is one thousand times more effective than simple turmeric root powder at quenching inflammation in the body and two to three hundred times more effective than the simple curcumin powder.

Being in a mycelized form, our Liquid Curcumin reaches peak effectiveness in just minutes and stays in the body for many hours.

  • Up to 20 hours after consumption the amount of curcuminoids in the bloodstream is many times greater than the levels of normal curcumin an hour after consumption.

It is simply the best Curcumin there is.

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Collagen Peptides significantly increase joint comfort and collagen density throughout the body. They also decrease collagen fragmentation (damage from wear and tear, free radicals, glycation, etc). Scientific studies show that collagen peptides work far better than Chondroitin or Glucosamine.

So, when you're talking about proven ways to have a more comfortable, pain free life, Collagen Peptides are a nutritional resource that may be your best bet to a comfortable life — a life without painful joints. Why be in that 50% group who hate getting out of bed every day?

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organic sulfur

Organic Sulfur (MSM) is essential for collagen production for repairing joints, ligaments, muscles, bones and other bodily tissues. Trying to heal worn joints without sulfur is like trying to hydrate without water. It won't work. Sufur helps:

  • To Increase Enzyme Production in Cells
  • To More Plentifully Produce Collagen and Keratin
  • To Increase Elasticity and Suppleness in Ligaments
  • To Reduce Muscle Inflammation and Soreness
  • To Have Healthier Skin & Less Wrinkles
  • To Help Normalize Blood Sugar
  • To Help Improve Blood Circulation in the Brain
  • To Have Healthier Lung Tissues
  • To Remove Toxins from Body
  • To Reduce Gastrointestinal Cramping
  • To Improve Nutrient Delivery to Cells
  • To Improve Stomach and Intestinal Tissue Health

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Six million Americans have vision loss with many of those people having become dependent on family members to take care of them or dependent on being cared for in nursing facilities. That makes protecting eyes and vision a worthy goal. That's why we encourage people to protect and nourish their eyes with eyes with supplements such as the following:

brilliant vision

Brilliant Vision - continuing the successful tactic of using time-consuming investigating and sorting through databases of research into botanicals and cutting-edge nutrients that are proven to target and nourish target eyes and vision processes, Progressive Labs sciientists have put into one product significant doses of those ingredients that are proven to nourish the eyes. Brilliant Vision contains many antioxidants and nutrients combined synergistically to enhance visual acuity and work against and reverse eye damage and cataract formation.

For several years now, Brilliant Vision has been one of our most popular products because of how well the body can utilize its nutrient tools to maintain better eyesigh and vision.

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brilliant vision

The primary purpose of Our Fibroblast Growth Factor product is to support the body in stem cell replacement of damaged cells.

Eyes are easily damaged by oxidative and glycation activity (due to toxins and sugar in the body). Therefore, loss of visual acuity is an early warning that one's body is generally under attack by those two processes.

Our Fibroblast Growth Factor product will stimulate the replacement of damaged cells everywhere in the body and is believed to be responsible for helping many people's body to improve eye health. We highly recommend it.

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gly control

Gly Control - is helpful for the eyes because the number one thing that does damage to eye tissues is elevated blood sugar. Gly Control helps the body manage sugar to better get sugar out of the blood stream (before it glycates tissues, such as eye tissues).

The best way to maintain good vision is to keep blood sugar under 95. That requires effort in our modern world where virtually everyone is overfed on calories and underfed on nutrients. Gly Control will put the odds in your favor. We highly recommend it.

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liquid curcumin

Liquid Curcumin - delivers far more curcumin to bodily tissues and fluids than any other curcumin on the market - 20 times more than micronized curcumin and up to 300 times more than ordinary curcumin. The benefit to the yes, therefore, is much greater than other curcumin products.

Liquid Curcumin helps stop free radical damage of the eyes and also helps stop glycation damage (cross-linking of sugar with eye tissues). It also helps the body to better manage blood sugar, itself.

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Doctors and hospitals keep people alive far longer (80 years versus 40) than in past eras of earth's history using tools such as antibiotics, heart surgeries, and dialysis machines. Unfortunately, lifespan (number of years since birth) and healthspan (number of years in which you are truly healthy) are two vastly different things. Unfortunately, Americans are near the bottom of all industralized nations as to the number of years of poor health prior to dying.

Staying young biologically, IE, undamaged, and with full energy, as long as possible is the goal of those who love life. Staying vibrantly healthy is completely up to you. No one can do it for you. A few key practices are what are required and inescapable:

A note about anti-aging tactics, we suggest utilizing cutting edge neutraceuticals for:

  • Stem cell and mitochondrial repair which returns cells to having youthlike energy and capacity.
  • Overeating nutrients and undereating calories.
  • Removing toxins from the body continuously.
  • Removing stress chemicals from the body.

fibroblast growth factors

The primary purpose of The primary purpose of our Fibroblast Growth Factor product is to accelerate the process of stem cell replacement of damaged cells in the body. Fibroblast Growth Factor molecules are like engineers focused on making new perfect cells out of damaged ones. Stem cell replacement is a great tactic for reversing biological age, as newly created cells have undamaged DNA and undamaged mitochondria for making energy. Most people have already damaged their bodies through decades of living life without anti-aging practices. This product is one of a few that can reverse that damage.

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adrenal resilience

Our Adrenal Resilience product helps reduce stress chemicals within the body by helping the adrenal glands (which monitor and respond to stress) to function optimally.

In animal studies, it was found that animals which continue with high levels of stress chemicals in their bloodstreams live only 20 to 30 percent as long as animals without those stress chemicals inside them. This supports the saying that stress kills.

That is why one of the main components of anti-aging efforts should be to reduce stress chemicals in the body.

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embla arginine

Our Embla Arginine powders can assist the body not only to vitalize and enable endothelial cells to make more nitric oxide in order to support cardiovascular health, but they also stimulate the pituitary gland to make larger amounts of human growth hormone.

Extra Human Growth Hormone stimulates the body to make itself younger, keep its muscles stronger and skin tighter, and improve the health of organs and tissues generally.

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liquid curcumin

Consuming Liquid Curcumin regularly is a low-cost way to slow the rate of aging by significantly turning down inflammatory processes.

Normal curcumin powder has been studied extensively and found to postpone age-related diseases and symptoms as well as significantly increase lifespan. Our far superior, mycelized liquid format keeps curcumin in the bloodstream twenty times longer and at much higher levels than ordinary curcumin.

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nattokinase mega

Natto NSK Mega helps dissolve scar tissue and other unwanted tissues and deposits in the body, opening up circulatory and metabolic pathways to allow optimal function. It also contains PQQ which helps restore mitochondria to optimal function after being degraded by free radical damage. This makes Natto NSK Mega a potent anti-aging tool.

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relax fir sauna

Relax Fir Sauna is the best sauna to stimulate toxin release from the body. Its patented array of 40 infrared emitters send 4.4 to 14.4 micron infrared rays into the body (the highest and cleanest levels of any sauna - 95 % to 99% pure) into the body. As these frequencies are absorbed by the body, the ion bonds of water begin to vibrate, sweating is induced and toxins are relased. No infrared goes into the eyes.

Studies show that sauna protects against chronic illness and extends life.

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nattokinase mega

Natto NSK Mega helps dissolve scar tissue and other unwanted tissues and deposits in the body, opening up circulatory and metabolic pathways to allow optimal function. It also contains PQQ which helps restore mitochondria to optimal function after being degraded by free radical damage. This makes Natto NSK Mega a potent anti-aging tool.

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Some of Our Highest Priority Supplements

The following supplements are the ones that are the most likely to extend your healthspanwhich is the number of years during which your health remains good.


Cleanzym is Dr. Kellas's most important supplement because it is the process of assimilating nutrients from food that is the beginning point and the crux of health.

Cleanzym provides your body with:

  1. The enzyme phytase which inactivates phytate chemicalsthat would otherwise bind to and prevent one's digestive tract from extracting minerals from phytate containing foods such as seeds, nuts, and tubers.
  2. 17 pH balanced enzymes that help ensure the food one eats is fully digested and the nutrients released into one's body.
  3. Herbs to stimulate the liver and pancreas to make more enzymes and digestive juices.
  4. Botanicals to suppress bacterial and fungal growth in the gastrointestinal tract that could otherwise damage one's gut.
  5. Probiotics that not only protect the intestines from pathogenic organisms but also extract additional nutrients from food.

Not taking Cleanzym daily with meals is to allow our body to not be able to extract as much as 80 percent of the potential nutrients from food. Unassimilated nutrients becomes a toxic buren that must be eliminated from the body instead of being able to nourish the body. So, not taking Cleanzym daily is a choice to ultimately experience lesser-quality health.

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Before anyone looks for a new supplement in the hope of nutrients that will enhance health, that person should first endeavor to get pervasive toxins out of the body that will otherwise be slowly destroying and undermining one's health.

Detoxification is the first (not the second) requirement of health. That goal is then followed closely by the body's need for nutrients. Add Zeo Heal to Cart

Body Genesis

Life forms on earth are made from hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carben and minerals (Biblically, the dust of the earth). Other than carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, a human being is made of a few pounds of minerals.

Humic/fulvic minerals, specifically, are the foundation of life, making possible all life-forms. They are the mineral-rich compost layer of dirt from which plants can grow. It takes hundreds of years for nature to create such dirt.

Our source of these minerals is totally free of heavy metals. In its highly absorbable liquid format, it can be added to any beverage or soup. In a world where soils have 1/20th of the mineral content of a century ago, it could be argued that Body Genesis may just be the most important health product on earth. Add Body Genesis to Cart

smart az mineral ez8Minerals are quintessential to health and yet most people are deficient in the eight minerals furnished in Smart AZ Minerals EZ8:

  1. 99.99% of Americans are deficient in Indium
  2. 99% are deficient in Boron
  3. 98% are deficient in Potassium
  4. 96% are deficient in Iodine
  5. 67% are deficient in Magnesium
  6. 60% are deficient in Calcium
  7. 40% are deficient in Zinc
  8. 25% are deficient in Copper

Because of the statisticical lack of the above macro and trace minerals, the health of most people will be less than it could be. EZ8 contains all of the above. We recommend supplementing with the minerals you believe your body lacks for several months to bring them up to an optimal amount. The form of these minerals is highly absorbable.

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Brian Peskin's Parent Essential Oils supplement supplies balanced, organic, unadulterated Parent Omega oils that will incorporate into your cell membranes and help keep your cellular oxygen levels high. Higher cellular oxygen gives one a greater likelihood of avoiding:

  • Oxygen deficit diseases like Cancer, Alzheimer's and Parkinsons.
  • Vascular damage diseases like Cardiovascular and Kidney disease.
  • Cell membrane disorder diseases like pulmonary disease

And the opportunity to experience

  • Better overall energy and health!

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OGFogf has a composition patent. It can boost cellular glutathione better than any other product you can take.

  • Glutathione's primary function in the human body it to protect mitochondria from overheating (IE, being damaged by free radicals). You can think of glutathione like coolant in a car engine, keeping your mitochondrial engines from overheating from free-radical damage. Overheating the mitochondria is bad because that causes irreversible aging, ie damage.
  • Everyone has less and less Glutathione every year after the age of 23, and start to irreversibly age, unless that do something to boost Glutathione. OGF is the best way you can do that.

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A Sampling of Customer Feedback

Shipment received today.... it is a pleasure to do business with you.

I have done business with Healthy-Living.Org for over six years. You are a delight to work with. I have never had a problem after more than 20 orders now. Most orders arrive within one week, some in just three or four days.

Thanks for getting the Paragon missing from my order to me so quickly. I'd left a telephone message as well, which Carol returned yesterday. Could you let Carol know that you have taken care of it?

Again, thank you for taking the time to give me responses to my questions. They are very helpful

Thank you! I appreciate the informational response received.

Hello there; I’m David from Australia. I have tried some of your products before and was very impressed by them.

I am a repeat customer. Your service is excellent. Thank you.

Your products and service are perfect. Thank you.

I have been ordering this product for 3 years now and have remained free of MS. I will continue to take E7 forever.

I’m a long time happy customer.

You have gone beyond just being a product supplier. Your service is excellent and your health knowledge is always reliable.

Thank you for such prompt package delivery. I seriously think your company is the only one that arrives on time or early and without having to track for missing packages.

ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. It is a measure of how many free radicals a substance can neutralize.

After registering a username and password you can view past orders and skip entering shipping and billing information on future orders. You you can register your username and password on the next page.

old man running

A long healthspan (80, 90, or 100 plus years of robust health wherein one can fully participate in physical and mentally engaging activity) is desirable, but, unfortunately, the United States people lead the world in earliest onset of poor health (often before 50 or 60 years of age), and most number of non-robust or poor health years before dying.

If you don't want to experience lesser healthspan, first hand, you must avoid the lifestyle of most Americans regarding eating very little nutrition and eating high amounts of refined carbohydrates and adulterated oils, coupled with very little sweating (to eliminate toxins).

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